Lisa & Ray C

“It was a chance encounter that led us to a pain free life style. Both my husband and I were living our lives in pain and discomfort.

For him it was a herniated disc in his neck that he was told would require surgery. For me it was a pain in my hip that extended down my leg and was so severe even walking was difficult. Both of us had seen a chiropractor in the past, but when he moved his practice out of state, we found it hard to put our faith and trust into other hands (especially when you’re dealing with the neck area). For about a year we saw no other doctor and our pain worsened as did our dependency on over the counter pain killers. As I was working a Family night at Hoss’ Steak & Sea House I first met Dr. Edwards’ kids and wife. Having liked the four of them so much I decided to give him a try. After our initial consultation and x-rays, it was obvious we needed help: neck bones out of alignment, unequal spacing in between them and rotated hips. Relief was almost immediate after the first adjustment, some head and stimulation, but it has taken a regular maintenance schedule to get our muscles and tendons to strengthen once the bones were in the right positions. Surgery is no longer required for my husband’s neck. I no linger take Advil daily, and have not had any painful flair ups of my sciatic nerve. Dr. Edwards also recommended I see a foot specialist to get shoe inserts to help keep those bones supported which also alleviated severe foot pain. We are now both pain free thanks to a chance encounter, Dr. Edwards and his staff.” –Lisa and Ray C