Keeping Your Children Healthy

Parents recognize the importance of dental, hearing, and vision checkups for their children, why not have a regular checkup for the spine and nerves that send messages and energy to every part of their bodies? A chiropractic checkup should be one of the most important a child has.

If there is blockage of the nerves in a body, a state is “dis-ease” may develop, which leads to the lowered resistance to disease, organ malfunction, and sickness. Just because your child does not feel a subluxation present, does not mean it is not there.

It is very possible for your child to lose the natural alignment in the spine and develop vertebral subluxations. Subluxation damage can be caused by a constricted uterus, a breech presentation, or any difficult delivery. After birth it is still possible for damage if the baby is not handled properly. Once he or she starts to grow, everyday jumps, bumps, and falls are considered part of a normal child growing up. While the accidents may be minor, they can cause nerve-damaging subluxations with long-term consequences.

Back aches
Neck aches
Head aches
Arm, hand or shoulder pain
Hip, leg or foot pain
Painful joints
Weakness or fatigue
Poor coordination
Vision problems
Ear infections
Loss of hearing
Sinus problems
Sore throat
Asthma and wheezing
Skin conditions or disorders
Stomach aches
Breast-feeding difficulties
Poor posture

If your child has any of the listed symptoms, it is imperative to get his/her spine checked for present subluxations, not as a treatment for symptoms, but because all children, especially ones that are ill, need healthy bodies. Freeing the blockages of his/her nervous system will make a big difference in your child’s physical and emotional health.

Ask your Chiropractic Doctor for more information about an overall wellness care program that may include: spinal adjustments, conjunctive therapies, exercise recommendations, nutritional advice, and other conservative methods of care based on your health history, current health condition, age, and lifestyle.