FASTT & WHITEE Patches for Pain Relief

If you are experiencing neck, back, joint, muscle, or sciaticpain, your health care provider will be employing all of the modern techniquesat his disposal. However, a significant number of patients still experiencepain even after the best treatments. At a certain point in the treatment, yourhealth care provider may supplement the existing procedures with herbal FASTTor WHITEE Patches.

 Wei Patches are bandages made of the highest grade,waterproof surgical tape with a mild, scientifically designed herbal mixtureattached to the tape. There are no known interactions or negative effects withany medications. The Patch is places on the area of pain in close contact withyour skin. The location point is critical and should be decided by your healthcare provider. Slowly the herbs migrate to the damaged area helping your bodyheal itself. Noticeable pain reduction begins to occur in 3 to 7 days.

 The FASTT Patch may be beneficial to you if you have:

-         Strains and sprains

-         Tendonitis (Tennis elbow, rotator cuff, etc.)

-         Fasciitis

-         Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

-         Acute back injury

-         AC joint separation

-         Fracture

-         Bursitis

-         TMJ

-         Post-surgical wound

-         Scar prevention

 The WHITEE Patch may be beneficial to you if you have:

-         Herniated/bulging disc

-         DDD/Stenosis/Bone spur

-         Osteoarthritis

-         Rheumatoid arthritis

-         Cartilage injury (Chondromalacia Patellar Syndrome)

-         Muscle spasms from a pinched nerve

-         Scar removal

-         Multiple sclerosis

-         Failed Back Surgery Syndrome

-         Morton’s neuroma

-         Ganglion & Baker’s cyst

-         Avascular necrosis

-         Basal cell carcinoma

-         Shingle/post herpetic neuralgia

 Things to know before using the FASTT or WHITEE Patches:

 -         We recommend shaving excessive hair on the injured areafor best contact and seal.

-         Mild irritation may occur after 2 days of application.This response is due to the metabolic toxins (by-products of necrotic tissuebreakdown) surfacing through the skin and causing irritation. Aloe Vera gel maybe used to cope with the itching.

-         For chronic conditions, there may a pain pattern changeas injuries go from a chronic to an acute state to initiate healing whichshould subside in a week.

-         Upon patch removal, use vegetable oil or peanut butterapplied to the skin or a cleaning agent (e.g. OxiClean) to clothing if herbalpaste remains.

-         Avoid using ice or anti-inflammatory medications duringtreatments as they restrict blood-flow to the affected region. Heating pads arehelpful.

 Your health care provider has a wide range of skills andproducts that he can offer to you. Innovative practitioners began using Chineseherbal preparations in the 1980s, and the number of such pacesetters is rapidlygrowing. Usually, practitioners will combine their own special healingtechniques with Chinese herbal medicines. You receive the maximum benefit ofeach technique. The effectiveness of Wei Laboratory products has beendemonstrated over the years, but you should closely follow your health careprovider’s instructions regarding how he wishes the herbal products to beintegrated with his own special capabilities.